Adam’s apple, Newton’s apple and Steve Apple

Dear Steve,
I write this letter even if  it’s late but i know well that your soul will read it.
I know that you still alive and your are everywhere in everyone, that now you’re so happy by seeing how much people from every part in this earth are crying you . But me I’m not, I’m happy too, because I know well that you left a thousands of genius behind you in the Apple Inc, and they will give their best to honorate your memory. 
I don’t know if you will need an iPhone in the other world, may be you can talk to each other by telepathy take photos by eyes, or may be the humain body is useless and you got a new body format. I hope the Siri  (iPhone 4 S) voice’s will be yours to talk to you every day. 
Be happy Mr. Steve because you reinvented the machine by giving it life and sens, you faced challenges throughout your career without giving up.  

Someone wrote in a forum : humanity was marked by three apples: Adam’s apple, Newton’s apple & Steve’s Apple. That’s true, you marked the humanity

I will never forget your speech Mr Steve at Stanford, a speech of Hope and faith, which let’s us to believe on our capablities and  how can we reach our aims.

Peace on you & Have a nice heaven

In memory of Steve Jobs

A java Developer interested in Big Data,NoSQL, Functionnal and Dynamic programming

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